Legra’s Law – * 4 * – Raging Bull

PREFACE: I AM NOT A FIGHTER. I know some of you who know me are thinking right now that this is a far cry from the truth, but it’s not. I am a lover of most people and all animals (except creepy crawly ones). Contrary to you naysayers, I do not like to fight, but sometimes it becomes necessary, and sometimes, for some reason, my aggression seems to be directed to city servants, namely taxi drivers.

One night, after a fun college party, my friend Emily and I jumped in a cab to get home. It was a short, delightful ride after an evening of giggles and kamikazes. Almost as soon as we got in, it was time to get out. Quick ride for us, easy money for taxi driver, right?


As we were exiting the cab I, as always, politely greeted, “Thank you so much, sir, have a great night.”

He replied very nastily, “Yeah, yeah, get out.”

I, while usually an easy going LADY, heard this and responded with a snide, I-really-know-what-you-said-but-am-double-checking, “Huh?”
Again, he rudely ordered us out of his car.
My eye began to twitch. Red was everywhere. I politely asked, “I’m sorry but what the (beep) did you just say to us? I told you to have a good night and you tell us to get out of your cab?”

Obviously, he was not fazed because again he instructed us to get out.

Now I was outright, wildly animal mad. “Oh heyl no. (BEEP) YOU!!! Who the (beep) do you think you are? You should give us back our tip for being such a jerk-off you…” Well I think you get it.

Still kicking and cursing, Emily literally had to drag me, screaming from the taxi into our apartment building. Thinking back now, it looked like a gripping episode of bad reality television. Clearly, not one of my best, “lady-like”, reserved moments, but I’ll own it, and you could bet your sweet ass that you will never hear me apologize for it. Ever.

Moral of the story: Manners will get you everywhere. Disrespect will get you cursed the (beep) out!

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