Women Who Live on Rocks: The Loudness

Quick Link: The Loudness: To Curse It or Not To Curse It, That is the Question

Today, my first post for Women Who Live on Rocks was published. It’s a Happy Dance kind of day for me. Coming off of an excellent weekend, going into Husband’s last week of school, and being published as a contributor for a new website… things are on the up and up. I want to scream it loudly! And considering we live on the Loudest Place on Earth I’m not sure anyone would mind.

Within the first week of our arrival to Santo Domingo, a neighbor downstairs had a party and all I could think was:
For the love of God, I’m 8 months uncomfortably pregnant and I just want to sleep and they want to have a party… now?! On a Friday? At night? Are they serious? A Friday night party? Don’t they know that I’m about to give birth and push a large-sized tropical papaya out of my hoo-ha and that these are the last few nights of precious sleep I will ever again have in my life?
In full disclosure: they probably did not know that a preggo was hovering in their midst or that I tend to lean on the side of dramatic from time to time.)
Click here to read the rest of The Loudness: To Curse or Not To Curse – That is the Question at Women Who Live on Rocks

Photo Credits:
Just Some Regular Party Speakers – Dubdem Sound System

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