What’s Your Story, Then?

This week’s special reminder on the DTWB post-it wall:

Joseph Gordon Levitt

It is that way wit most things isn’t it. A small ripple makes a deep impact. All the little moments make up the big picture. The Butterfly Effect. The idea that a small change in one place can result in a large difference somewhere else, that a hurricane can be influenced by a butterfly flapping its wings several weeks earlier. It seems ridiculous yet we know that the decisions we make in life, even the small ones, determine our path which becomes our life.

In the same respect, all of our tiny stories make up the great big universe. I say in my little welcome note over on the right that “this is my story but it could be anybody’s” because we all universally have a story to tell and they all matter. All of our stories matter. All of our lives matter. You matter. Happy Monday.

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