Consider Yourself Lucky

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Where Dreams Dwell

We returned back to our little island life on Friday with all but one suitcase – one casualty – not bad if you ask me. And today, Monday, is the first day back at Husband’s school. All the familiar faces. Same laughs, same gestures, same smiles. Same questions, same answers. How was your summer? – It was awesome. 

It’s a good day. So, clearly, I looked for a coming home quote. Continue reading


Turn Down the Courage

This week’s special:

Courage isn't always loud

I’m reminded of an article I read by the blogger/author mom of Momastery. In the article she is responding to a mom who asks her about what brave means. And Glennon responds by telling us of a situation when she took her daughters to get their ears pierced. Her youngest, jumped right onto the chair. No reservations. (Like my son.) Her little little was ready and everyone smiled and complimented how brave she was. When she was done, it was older sister’s turn. But she wasn’t so sure, she had reservations. (Like my daughter.) Quietly, she announced that she wasn’t ready and “the well-meaning ear-piercer said, ‘Sure you are, sweetie! Be brave! Your little sister did it!'”

The article, single-handedly, made me rethink the way I parent when it comes to courage. Continue reading

What’s Your Story, Then?

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Joseph Gordon Levitt

It is that way wit most things isn’t it. A small ripple makes a deep impact. All the little moments make up the big picture. The Butterfly Effect. The idea that a small change in one place can result in a large difference somewhere else, that a hurricane can be influenced by a butterfly flapping its wings several weeks earlier. It seems ridiculous yet we know that the decisions we make in life, even the small ones, determine our path which becomes our life. Continue reading

The Mad Ones

This week’s special reminder on the DTWB post-it wall:

Weekly Special 727

Yes. YES. Mad, passionate, living all the moments that life gives you to live. Is there any other way? There shouldn’t be.