2nd Installment: Holiday Shopping Made Easy so You Have More Time for Wine

The Berrrrs are Back…

Last week, The Berrrrs and I shared the first installment of the 2014 Holiday Shopping Made Easy so You Have More Time for Wine Guide and as promised here is the second installment. To keep the intro short I’ll answer some rapid fire questions.

What is this? A butt load of gift ideas to help with your holiday shopping 
What could I expect to find here – I hate finding gift guides that have really expensive gifts? You’ll find gift ideas of all prices with links, ideas, pictures, and promo codes… the whoooole hook up. 

Why would I check this out? With more than enough time to make or order, ship and wrap your gift you can avoid the holiday stress that comes with parking at the mall, waiting on long lines, and shopping with human Grinches.
Anything else I need to know? The gift guide is organized into categories with a present suggestion for everyone in the fam and I’ve starredthe items that are my absolute faves. 
In this installment you’ll find:Fabulous DIY gift ideas that are beyond easy and inexpensiveGift ideas for the out-of-the-box BerrrrGifts for Berrrrs who hate gifts but LOVE experiences
Don’t forget to check out the first installment
So now grab a glass bottle of wine, and relax (since you no longer have to stress about what to buy), get your credit card ready, and browse through these fabulous gifts ideas.* * *

For the DIY Berrrr:

For Toddler Berrrr: DIY Games

Famous Landmarks

While the original concept I found on this blog for early education was famous landmarks, just think of all of the options you have when you open up this DIY project to famous works of art and maps and people. Check out the easy tutorial here.

Memory Game

DIY Memory Game from Burlap and Blue

I recycled  this game from last year because, well, it’s adorable and multi-useful: promotes memorization, entertains, and gives you another place to display pictures. What a great way to keep your kids thinking about grandpa than to have your child find the matching piece. Check out the DIY tutorial at Burlap & Blue.

Go Fish*

This Personalized Go Fish is also really adorable and cheap to make. Although this blog used Photoshop and the result was phenomenal, those of you intimidated by Photoshop, can use PicMonkey.

Here’s how:
– First, choose the family photos you will be using and edit them in Picmonkey; editing or cropping them as you’d like and save it to your desktop.
– Next, using the “design” option on the PicMonkey home screen, select the size you’d like your project to be (4×6 is a good start. For the cards below I resized the pixels to 300×450).
– Then, choose the canvas/background color.
– After, in the overlay section on the right sidebar, choose “your own” and upload the first picture; resizing it however big you’d like your picture to appear.
– Finally, add text or any other design features you’d like to use for the personalized names.

Here’s how mine turned out without much fuss. Imagine with a bit more time how memorable a gift this would be:

The last thing I’d have to do is print them out on thicker paper and laminate. Voíla! DIY Go Fish Game.

Source: Imperfect Homemaking

For Mommy Berrrr: DIY Finishing Touches

Mason Jar Freshener

Pinterest is a tremendous source in all DIY ideas which is where I found this good (and simple) idea. In this project, all you need is a mason (canning) jar, a hammer and nails.

1. Poke holes in the lid with a nail and hammer (you could make a design or keep it simple)
2. Fill the jar 1/4 full of baking soda and 6-8 of essential oil.
3. Done. That’s it. So simple right???

You could gift just one or make a few as a gift set of different aromas! View the full tutorial here!

DIY Beautifully Creative Plate and Mug Sharpie ideas*

This has endless options for any special occasion: make a cookie plate for Santa or write your favorite quote about friendship for your bestie or let your kids’ masterpiece be a gift for the grandparents or create a set of plates for your college grad who is moving to a new apartment. There are just so many ways and so many decorative ideas you could use that to give you just one would be unfair so instead check out this Plate & Sharpies link, find the one you like best (or create your own obvi) and create away.

Here are the steps:
Buy a plate from the dollar store
Create design with a sharpie
Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
Done. (*Use rubbing alcohol to fix any Sharpie mistakes.)

Check out this Sharpie decorated plate by Shabby Art Boutique to get you excited:

For Daddy Berrrr: 

Loooooove Soundtrack*

This is part DIY / part experience / part stolen idea. Husband and I watched Begin Again about a month ago. In the movie, Mark Ruffalo describes his first date with his ex-wife in which they used a headphone splitter cable to plug two headphones into one audio player and then spent the evening just walking around listening to music. This got me thinking… What if I made Husband a playlist (and maybe he made me one in return)? What a lovely homemade gift that would be on its own but introduce the splitter cable and a few hours of walking around any city together and you’ve got yourself a romantical gift idea.

* * * 

For the Out-of-the-Box Berrrr:

For Kiddo Berrrr: Mae Chevrette Art:* 

I recycled this gift from last year because I truly love her work. Maybe it’s the wanderlust in her art or the beautiful quotes she uses about adventure and travel but I’m enchanted every time I look at one of these pieces. Here are links to some of my favorites: She is FierceEvery Dreamer KnowTo Be BraveField Trips

For Mommy Berrrr: Special Jewelry*

I can’t begin to tell you how ridiculously cute I find this darn necklace. Months ago I pinned it (see? it’s on my Pinterest accessory page) specifically so that I could include it on my holiday gift guide post and, well, here it is. What a clever way to wear your wedding date (or other important date) around your neck. Check out the Roman Numerals necklace at MyBelovedCo on Etsy.

For Daddy Berrrr: Coffee Mug 2.0

There are times when Husband wants coffee but doesn’t want to brew a whole pot for just one. While Keurig was a game changer, it is on the pricier end and for people who live abroad, it isn’t always the easier option. Enter this minibru coffee press mug. Brew a single cup with this French press coffee mug by adding coffee grounds and hot water. 
* * *

For the Berrrr that Loves Experiences:

For Kiddos Berrrr: Language Lessons

Research shows that kids pick up languages at an early age and that being bilingual is quickly becoming the norm and not the margin. This interactive and comprehensive program is designed to help children 0-6 learn a foreign language. Choose from 1 of 11 languages and your kids will be entertained while inspired to learn a foreign language through videos, books, flash cards, and CDs. Check out the Little Pim website for more information or buy this deal on Travelzoo for 50% off (prices starting at $15). 

For Mommy Berrrr: Wine!!!*

What? Wine is an experience. Especially when it comes delivered to your door. This deal from Heartwood and Oak Wine Merchants via Travelzoo is glorious. For $39 (a major deal from the normally marked price of $160) a half case of wine will be delivered right to mama’s door! Or choose the $79 deal and get 12 bottles. Boom! Best of all, it’s a Nationwide deal. Check out what selections of wine mama could be sipping on HERE. Hurry up.

For Daddy Berrrr: Tours*

But not just any tours… 

Food Tours

It’s no secret that Husband isn’t a fan of stuff. He likes experiences over sweaters. And I like giving them to him because guess what… I get to enjoy them too. A great tour I could guarantee is the Greenwich Village Food Tour through Foods of NY. Also combining the history of Greenwich Village with delicious flavors, this is a foodie’s dream. With stops at some of Greenwich Village’s most well-known establishments like Joe’s Pizza, Murray’s Cheese Shop, and Rocco’s Pasticceria, you’ll quickly see why New York is one of the food capitals of the world. Use these promo codes for savings (valid for gift certificates only):

Use THANKSGIVING through tomorrow for 15% off. 
Use BLACKFRIDAY Friday, November 28 – Monday, December 1 for 10% off.
Use CYBERMONDAY December 1-4 for 10% off.

I also just found this amazing food tour deal from Great Food Tours for a steal! Choose from one of their four tours in NYC for 50% off or check out their food tours offered in other cities.

Drunk History Tour

It’s no secret that I am a fan of libations so imagine my utter joy when I discovered this tour. Complete with historical re-enactments, trivia, improv comedy, and, of course, booze, the Drunk History Tour through NYC Tours, is the perfect combination of fun and drinks and a great date for Husband and I, combining Husband’s love of history and my love for, well…

Use the promo code NYC2FOR1 and get two tickets for the price of one thanks to the lovely people at NYC Tours!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!


Holiday Shopping Made Easy So You’ll Have More Time for Wine – What’s on Tap: November 2014

The Berrrrs are Back…

Last year the Berrrr’s and I brought you a butt load of gift ideas to help with your holiday shopping and we’re back again this year to do the same. Below you’ll find gift ideas of all prices and with more than enough time to make or order, ship and wrap your gift you can avoid the holiday stress that comes with parking at the mall, waiting on long lines, and shopping with human Grinches.I warn you… This is BIG(so big I had to post it in two sections)! Links, ideas, pictures, promo codes the whoooole hook up. The gift guide is organized into categories with a present suggestion for everyone in the fam and I’ve starred* the items that are my absolute faves. So grab a glass bottle of wine, and relax (since you no longer have to stress about what to buy), get your credit card ready, and browse through these fabulous gifts ideas. 
In this installment you’ll find: Tech gifts for all agesGifts for the shoe afficianadoFoodie gifts that will have your cup running-eth over
In next week’s installment you’ll find:Fab 3-step DIY gift ideas that are easy and inexpensiveGift ideas for the artsy BerrrrGifts for Berrrrs who hate gifts but LOVE experiences* * *

For the Techy Berrrr:

source: OpenSky

For Kid Berrrr: Portable Humidifier

One of the worst things about winter is the dry air, especially for kids. We live on an island and travel to NJ for Christmas so the air change is drastic and usually ends up in a cold. But what if you could change that? The reviews raved about the Satechi Portable Humidifier; that it is quiet, easy to use and easier to travel with. Fill a bottle or cup with purified water, place the humidifier into the opening, and plug into a USB port. It comes with two replacement filters and you can buy more on OpenSky. Sign up for free credits.

For Toddler Berrrr: Click & Grow

source: Click&Grow

Our kids have recently found a new hobby: cooking with mami and papi. They are becoming quite the helpers in the kitchen, standing on the stool and pouring, mixing, and sampling everything. So when I saw this Click & Grow system my first thought was how much they would like watching things grow that then they’d get to eat. With zero effort they can grow our herbs which means we won’t have to waste money on buying a handful of basil at the supermarket and throw out the rest that never gets used. We could also, with zero effort, grow our own strawberries. Do you know how excited our daughter would be to pick a strawberry (or 6) off our Click & Grow garden? Plus, do you have any idea how hard it is to find good strawberries in Dominican Republic? Or chili peppers for that matter? This thing is awesome.

For Mommy Berrrr: The Perfect Camera *

My dad was a camera person and it seemed like every other year he was purchasing a new camera. As a kid – with no money – I didn’t understand this. What was he getting from this new camera that he couldn’t get from his old one? Once I became a camera person, I understood it. Cameras, like clothing styles, come in phases. In college I wore tighter clothes and snapped shots with a point and shoot. When I began working, I had more professional clothes and shot with a Nikon SLR camera, flash included. Now that I have kids, I’m more casually dressed and need a camera that follows suit. It is damn near impossible to run around after kids with a clunky SLR hanging from my neck (with the attached bulky flash) and beyond impossible to get the clear shots I want with a point and shoot. But this Samsung NX digital seems to incorporate the best of both. It has the interchangeable lens and high speed shooting that I need to photograph Speedy Gonzalez kids but its small frame, vintage look, and casual handling makes it easy to travel. I’m salivating at the mouth just thinking about. There are different price ranges but click to view the intro NX3000 in white or for 20 bucks more between 11/23 – 12/6 buy NX300. FREE SHIPPING and other holiday deals you can check out.

source: Samsung

For Daddy Berrrr: Speakers

Men love electronics and Husband is no exception but he particularly loves speakers. Our family is big on movies and music and we are an overseas family so size matters. There are plenty of choices available; we just happened to go with Bose years ago and were so happy with them that we’ve never looked elsewhere. I’ll take a pair of these please, Santa. 

* * * 

For the Shoe-Loving Berrrr:

source: look.com

For Baby Berrrr: Old Soles *

No, I don’t mean that my kid listens to Louis Armstrong or Dean Martin, although by default he does. The Old Soles I’m talking about are shoes. Our own Baby Berrrr has two pairs that were handed down to us and it’d be a crime if I didn’t tell you just how much I love these shoes. First, if you are a parent of small children, you know that putting on shoes is as mystical as a f*cking unicorn. Even if you could get the kid to sit still, most shoes are impossibly difficult to get on. Not. These. They are magically simple. It also doesn’t hurt that the material is soft and the sneaker design is simple. Old Soles is an Australian company so they could be hard to find in the states. Lucky for you I did some searching. The most variety by far is at ChildrenSalon. They deliver from the UK and if you hold off until the beginning of December  the representative mentioned their items would go on sale. There wasn’t as much variety on this site but they had great sales and last but not least – if you hurry – you could still grab some at Gilt.  Additional links include J. Crew online and Look.com. Can you tell I’m obsessed with these shoes?

For Teenage Berrr: Ralph Lauren Vintage Kicks

I know that there is nothing that teenagers hate more than a mom – who thinks she’s cool but who they swear is uncool – trying to dress them but even the sulkiest of teenagers would admit that these are dope. And if they disagree, you could always ground them. FREE SHIPPING.

source: zappos

For Mommy Berrr: Arctic Knit Boot *

source: Anthropologie

Have you ever had a dream about something and woken up to realize it didn’t exist. That is a dream I’ve had about boots like this… until now. These make me so freaking excited. Yes, even though I live in the Caribbean. Yes, even though I am only in the winter season for a few weeks. The next place we move abroad will have a winter season just so that I could wear these boots into the ground and then wear them some more. Check them (and other great boots) out at Sorel or buy them at Nordstrom’s and get FREE SHIPPING. Send me a pair of 8.5 pleeeeeease.

For Daddy Berrrr: Aviator Twill Paseos by TOMS

What would one of my holiday lists be without TOMS. These piggie holders have made my list both in 2012 and 2013. for good reason. They come in a gajillion patterns, tons of styles, and what says holiday giving more than a company who gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes that are purchased. Take advantage of the limited time FREE SHIPPING over $25.

source: TOMS
* * * 

For the Foodie Berrrr:

For Kid Berrrr: LolliPics

These fanciful treats are tasty and nostalgic. Here’s how it works. Start by picking the image you want to use. Then pick the lollipop (choose from pinwheels, opaque, or clear). Lastly pick the quantity. My daughter knows 3 different words for lollipop and actually asks if she could visit the doctor regularly just for one of these suckers, so… lollipops, by far, are her favorite thing on Earth. At $3.69 per LolliPic, they seem a bit expensive but keep in mind they are larger than average, totally adorable, and would make great stocking stuffers. The minimum purchase is six. USE the promo code THANKFUL25 at checkout and get 25% off everything through January.

For Mommy Berrrr: Wine Pearls

What a great marketing name for women, right? Wine and pearls. Why, yes please. But besides the ingenious name, the concept is also quite brilliant. If you’ve drank white wine with me, you know I like it with ice. I like the ice for the cooling temperature of the wine and not for the way it waters down my vino (although that just makes it easier to drink). Enter: wine pearls. These substitute ice cubes are stored in the freezer until you’re ready to use them to chill your wine, no watering down included. Brrrrrrr-iliant!

For Daddy Berrrr: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I think I could release this as an official comment, “Husband would DIE if he had this.” That guy loves making breakfast sandwiches and if he had a machine to help him make them in half the time we might only eat breakfast sandwiches. For every meal. Everyone gets breakfast sandwiches. Buy it on HamiltonBeach.com and get this $5 rebate. Also available on Amazon.

Don’t forget to check back next week for:

Fab DIY 3-step gift ideas that are easy and inexpensiveGift ideas for the artsy BerrrrGifts for people who hate gifts but LOVE experiences

What’s On Tap This Month – October

This is the first restaurant that I’ve included in my Tap and for good reason. Mila is a new restaurant in Santo Domingo started by two of the owners of Guli’s, my favorite coffee shop in the world. No exaggeration. Bible. In. The. World. So when Guli’s owners told me they were moving shop AND opening a restaurant as well I was excited. And when they told me they were moving even closer to where I lived, the heavens opened and angels sang. Pure elation.
I’m not a food critic or food connoisseur by any means but I know good food and I love eating out. And not to peacock but when New York City is your go-to restaurant city, your foodie expectations are high. Some restaurants have spectacular meals. Some have great happy hours. Some have great service. Some restaurants have original menus. Some have friendly staff. Some have good prices. Some have spectacular ambience. Essentially, like in all cities, some rank higher than others. But not many have it all. Mila has it all. 
And I can’t say I’m surprised.
As a coffee shop, Guli’s was so damn awesome that I didn’t expect any less from their restaurant, and actually, what I got was more. From the outside, Mila looks like an elegant cross between a contemporary Pantheon and a Southern style home complete with grand porch. You walk into a glamorous, modern reception room that looks more like a cozy living room than a waiting area. This opens to the main dining section with the bar that commands attention all on its own. In the back, they’ve set up a play/eat area for families with children. The food was yum. Just complete yummmmmm. And the service was attentive, friendly, and professional. I can’t tell you how nice that is to find here. At the core, though, this place is still the small coffee shop I began going to; they still treat me like family when I come in because they’ve figured out the secret to a good business; it’s all about relationships. If you are in the Santo Domingo area, visit Mila on Avenida Sarasota in Sector Bella Vista. For reservations call 809-532-6452 and make sure to stop by Guli’s located right behind the restaurant for the best caramel cappuccino. 
Begin Again
I know. This Kiera Knightley / Mark Ruffalo movie came out this summer to great reviews. But this mother of two, doesn’t get to the movie theater all that often so I just recently viewed this unbelievable film. With a story line that had me unsure of which way I wanted the film to end, a catchy soundtrack, and complicated but lovable characters there are so many things I like about this film. I even liked Adam Levine. Not that I normally don’t like hot rockstars but I tend to be a little judgmental when they make the crossover to film but there was nothing to not like here. He was great in the film and for 104 minutes, I thought he was Dave. Adam who? And Mark Ruffalo. Well, the guy’s normally a genius but he’s exceptional in this. It is totally worth the watch. 
Minnetonka Moccasins
A little over a month ago, I went shopping at Nordstrom’s shoe department when my eye caught these beauties. I left the display that I came for and checked out the different styles that Minnetonka made and knew I wasn’t leaving the store without them. Now the problem I face is how many more I could buy. With good craftsmanship they feel durable but also like a comfortable shoe should – like something you could sleep in. I instantly loved their throwback feel. They have been an American classic since in 1946 and family owned and operated for over 3 generations. I dare you to slip on a pair and not take them home.

My Personal Dogma 
This happens to me a lot: I’m watching a movie or reading a book or scrolling through Pinterest and I hear, read, or see words, no – TRUTH – something exact and authentic and perfect in that moment – no bullshit. Something inside me wakes up – perks up – like my furry first born pups when they hear something. Their bushy heads lift up and tilt to one side as if they’re reaaalllly listening to that moment and paying close attention so as to not miss it. And then they bark to acknowledge that they did in fact hear “it.” It’s an intrinsic reflex; we all have an internal dog bark that howls when we are reaaalllly hearing our truth, our personal dogma. My internal dogma barks when I hear things about being brave and flying and leaping and trusting in the net. When does your personal dogma bark?
This Quote
A friend going through some difficult times shared this quote on Facebook by American Author Ardis Whitman. My personal dogma barked uncontrollably. 
Ardis Whitman Quote
The League
Fantasy Football for men is what Soap Operas are to women; an alternate reality in which we could pretend we are something we’re not. Fantasy Football (like Soap Operas) is ridiculous. And now, FX made a show about it. FX’s show The League exposes the absurdity, bafoonery, and (ironic) seriousness in which these five buddies and one wife obsess over their teams, trades, and trophy – The Shiva. It is super witty and makes this girl (thumbs pointing at chest) who could care less about Fanstasy Football kinda wish she understood something about it. Don’t tell Husband. 

The views and opinions expressed on Drinking the Whole Bottle: What’s on Tap are 100% my own. You can 100% guarantee that, compensated or not, I always give my honest opinion on produts, services, websites, etc. This tap includes some products that were received complimentary for testing purposes. Those products are disclosed.

What’s On Tap this Month – September

Ok, so anchors isn’t necessarily a new thing I’m loving. I’ve been into the nautical theme for years (hence all of my striped clothes) but we just recently added these bad boys to our apartment. Inspired by A Beautiful Mess (which I’ve included before on a monthly tap), I bought a stencil/stamper in the shape of an anchor and then had poor Husband do the rest. Stamp, stamp, stamp away. I looove how it turned out.

My friend had this book on his counter when Husband and I went over for dinner one night. Husband and Friend left to pick up wine and his wife also had to leave on a quick errand run. I assured them that I was fine to stay by myself. So I did and I picked up this book. Within 4 pages I was dreading their arrival. A book with the premise what if the devil were a real person, it kept me wanting more. The longer they stayed away, the more I’d get to read. The next day, I picked up my own copy.
Jersey Wines

The last day of August, at my mecca, the New Jersey Wine Festival at Allaire State Park, I sampled lots and lots (and lots) of wines. While I typically drink Sauvignon Blanc or other whites, here at the festival, my tastebuds have a reigning heavyweight champion. For the last few years,
 Holiday Seasoned Red Wine by Four Sisters Winery has been my clear cut winner. If you imagined Christmas had a taste, it would be corked up in this bottle. While it still ranks up there (along with their newer version of the Christmas wine, Beaver Creek. Yum!), this year, I found the Autumn equivalent at Wagonhouse Winery. I sampled Three Boys Brand’s Autumn Goddess and was sold. No, literally, I bought the bottle of wine on the spot. Fermented with apple, instead of grapes this fall-tasting wine reminds you of the season even when you’re living on an island! So since I can’t be home for Fall, I brought Fall home with me. Screw. Pop. Cheersies!

What if you fly Tattoo

I am not a tattoo person but I gotta tell you if ever I got one it would say that. That line comes from a young, Aussie poet named Erin Hanson who I discovered through a very funny blog. Whitney, the author of I Wore Yoga Pants to Work, recently got these words tattooed on her back and those four words made my ears perk up, my heart flutter, and the hairs on my arms stand up. Don’t worry, mom, I’m not getting a tattoo, but if ever I did… 
“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh, but my darling,
What if you fly?
Erin Hanson

80’s Covers & Grey’s Anatomy
In honor of the season premiere this Thursday, I wanted to highlight Grey’s. I’ve watched every one of its 11 seasons and have downloaded a bazillion of the songs I’ve heard on the show. Their musical choice always hits me right here (insert fist chest bump to the heart) and while they could do no wrong in my book, last season (season 10) they did something the most right in my book, like the rightest right possible. Think 80’s music. Turns out that creator, Shonda Rhimes, is also a huge 80s music fan and suggested (then handpicked) only 80’s music covers for the whole second half of season 10’s soundtrack. Don’t get caught up in how fun the originals were and how the cover songs sound totally different. Focus on how great these songs were in their 80’s hey day that now people are remaking them. Check out some of these 80’s covers on YouTube:

Don’t You Forget About Me (Originally by Simple Minds, Covered by The Wind + The Wave)
We Built this City – (Originally byStarship, Covered by Aron Wright and Jill Andrews)
I’m So Excited (Originally by The Pointer Sisters, Covered by Le Tigre)
and apparently everything by Sleeping at Last…
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (Originally by The Police)
Private Eyes (Originally by Hall and Oates)
All Through the Night (Originally by Cyndi Lauper)
99 Red Luftballoons (not on Grey’s but watch it on SYTYCD – Originally by Cyndi Lauper)

Ummm… speechless, right? 
Who’s ready for another 80’s party?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

What’s On Tap This Month – August

It’s been a while but I’m so excited to be back with a new list of awesome things I’m loving right now!

Goodwill Hunting

Well, this isn’t a new love but it’s a recycled love. In light of the recent loss of Robin WIlliams, it seems fitting to spotlight a man that I never met and yet somehow knew. I first met Robin in my living room when he made my dad and I laugh. I was just a kid; a small kid watching TV with her dad so these are fond memories and something we did a lot of. From there, I’d see him in movies but would always remember “nanu nanu” and sitting in the living room with my dad when I probably should have been sleeping. Something about Robin Williams’ face also reminded me of my grandfather. It was his chin. My grandfather had a very pronounced chin and so did Robin Williams. He was a man that felt like part of the family when he was on screen and that was his magic, right? But when I saw him in Goodwill Hunting he became my own, someone I didn’t share with my dad or grandfather. I truly saw his magic. I think about that movie and I feel it in my heart because it is a movie about so all the kinds of love we feel. Love for a girl. Love for a friend. Love for a lost one. Love for oneself. And I can smile knowing that I will watch that movie again and see my grandfather’s chin and my father’s alien and Robin Williams speak a line I often run through my head without speaking it for no reason at all, “I had to go see about a girl.” 

r.m. drake

It is no secret that I am a lover of words. All day like wild horses in a bushy field, words cross my mind; sometimes they prance, sometimes they gallop. Sometimes they stampede right through me. These words were the stampeding kind. A friend posted this on Facebook the other day and they ran me over leaving an imprint. Now I follow him on Twitter and Instagram and find many more verses that blow me away, many capturing the essence of women with words like strong, madness, lion, beauty, love, fire. Check. him. out. “She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them.” Whoa.

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen

Let’s be honest… who doesn’t want to smell like vacation all. the. time? And while there are plenty of sunscreen options out there, most don’t smell as yum as this one. Hawaiian Tropic takes me back, back, back to family vacations as a kid when their sunscreen bottles were a dark brown and their logo was written in gold. This is all my parents use to buy. And now that I’m an adult – one that lives on a Caribbean island – this is all I buy. It doesn’t hurt that this one is sheer touch so it feels super light and lessens build up in my pores. While I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, it seems unfair to take for free what I would buy anyway (though I love the trial size) but it gave me the opportunity to rave about it so I guess it’s a win win. Follow Hawaiian Tropic on Facebook… or just buy their yum smelling sunscreens!

Pandora’s Alabama Shakes station
Otis Redding. Sam Cooke. Ray Lamontagne. This is a great station! I discovered it sitting outside of a cozy, small town bar that offers outside seating and the most delicious gin and tonics to ever be sipped by these lips. I sat outside that night with Husband and two of his high school friends that knew us before we were married which is a special treat all on its own. And the background music to add to such a gorgeous evening… Pandora’s station Albama Shakes. I know because I asked the bartender (it was that good) what station they were playing. A great mix of soul and power. An old sounding style that is hard to find… unless you are on this station. At your next cocktail party, find it. Give it a few songs. You’ll be hooked.
Garnier BB Cream
If I were stranded on an island with only this or unlimited coconut water, I’d have a hard time deciding what to choose. I like makeup but I love Garnier BB Cream. On a few occassions I’ve applied the cream and then forgotten to put on anything else and it doesn’t matter. It looks just as wow! as when I use it with other makeup. It is instant glam and since I’m a mom who sometimes has only a minute and a half to get ready before a screaming child runs at me, the quickness it takes to look A-MAZE with this stuff is unbeatable. This sh*t is crack in a tube, people. Crack in a tube.

The views and opinions expressed on Drinking the Whole Bottle: What’s on Tap are 100% my own. You can 100% guarantee that, compensated or not, I always give my honest opinion on produts, services, websites, etc. This tap includes some products that were received complimentary for testing purposes. Those products are disclosed.