If you would like to contact Drinking the Whole Bottle to contribute a guest post or share an InstaAbroadMoment (I.AM) please use the contact form below.

What would I write about as a guest bartender?

Simple. The Buena Moments


Our Buena Vida is inspired by those moments of bliss when I look around and think Wow! This is my life. These are my people. This is my place. I get to live this. They are moments full of hope and gratitude and wonder and magic and love and all buena things. So write about that because all of our buena moments – like a bottle of wine – are best when shared. And all of us have some sharing to do.


What is an #InstAbroadMoment?

Check out the full explanation HERE but in its basic form, even though it began with moments abroad, InstAbroad is a mini-story series through Expat Village about the travels of life: the paths we forge, the companions we meet, the stories we share, the links we create, the chain we bound, and the deep knowing that I.AM because I’ve been…

on a journey
down the road
in love
a mother
on a roadtrip
to Paris
on a self-discovery


DoES dtwb accept #InstAbroadMoment submissions?

I sure do and I’d love to hear yours. However I do ask that you follow the layout of I.AM so please check out this I.AM and that I.AM for general guideline layout. Otherwise, snap a picture and tell me the quick story behind it and I’ll let you know if we could share it on Expat Village. (Pictures will be submitted after story is accepted.)

 I’d love to hear from you!


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