New to Drinking the Whole Bottle?

What is Drinking the Whole Bottle about?

Hmmm… life. All of it. It is hard to put one label or pinpoint just one thing that the writing on this blog is about: parenting, life as an expat, fun, finding beauty in life… Check out my about page for a fuller description.

Where did the title, Drinking the Whole Bottle come from?

There is a quote by my favorite author, Paulo Coelho, that goes, “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped but with others drink the whole bottle.”  Like I say in my tagline, its a metaphor for life; a metaphor to savor every last drop of the good stuff while still accepting, sipping, and trying everything else that comes along. See, without the bad wines, you’d never know how to recognize, but more importantly, appreciate the good wines. Without tasting everything, you’ll never know what you like, what you love. The title was also born around the same time as my firs child was born. There was a beautiful symmetry between mama’s wine bottle and the baby’s milk bottle and the balance I would have to find as a woman and a mother. And also, of course, t’s a confession. I like my wine. and gin. and beer.

There is a category named Our Buena Vida: The Mama Juana Series about your family’s life abroad? What is Mama Juana?

Mama Juana is the official drink of the Dominican Republic and since all of the stories in that series are, in some way, about our good life in the Dominican Republic, I wanted to name our good life adventures something that made made reference to our first country abroad. I plan on continuing this with each new place we live: The Ouzo Series if we ever live in Greece, The Mojito Series if we ever live in Cuba, or The (really exciting) Champagne Series if we ever live in France.

What are some of the different series about?

Road to an Imperfect Life is about accepting all of life imperfect paths and all and not just the Instagrammable, Facebook postable moments that have been filtered to look beautiful. Notes From a Local Scene is my journal of some of the awesome places we’ve seen in our abroad home. Fiesta Forever is a part planning series. The Dominican Republic is a culture that is all about celebrations so we throw a lot of parties living on that fun, little island. And I think it is only  right as one compassionate human to another to share the fun in hopes that you too can partake in fiesta-ing forever. My Total Truths are the truths I live by, my commandments of sorts. Weekly Specials is where I post (or attempt to post) a weekly reminder quote, like a post-it note wall.

Do you write anywhere else?

Yes. The first other website I began writing for was Wanderlust & Lipstick, a go-to resource for all things travel, especially solo women travel. My blog for them is called Expat Village which as the name suggests is all about my life as an expat. The next website I began writing for was Women Who Live on Rocks, a comical blog website by a collection of women island dwellers who scribe about the ridiculously, absurd moments of island living. I’ve also been featured on The Huffington Post, Matador Network, Moms Magazine, Elephant Journal, among other fab spots.




One thought on “New to Drinking the Whole Bottle?

  1. Alisha says:

    Nämä ominaisuudet on kapasiteettia houkutella lukuisia
    osallistujat mahdollisesti niitä ihmisiä, jotka ovat pelanneet
    todellisessa kasino sivustot , koska taukoja , jotka säilyttävät niitä kannustetaan .


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