What People are Saying about DTWB

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Mike L.

The articles are fantastic and almost always make laugh out loud! Or at least snort wine through my nose. Keep it up! Chillicothe, Illinois


The only thing I ever dislike about Drinking the Whole Bottle is the inevitable mascara rivers running down my cheeks! I’m a sucker for any type of nostalgia and I can almost always personally relate to Jen’s posts. My tears are mostly happy tears that form to the brink and spill over, all the way down to … Continue reading Jennifer


At the end of a very long day, while my husband is putting our very energetic 3-year-old to bed, I love to treat myself to reading Drinking the Whole Bottle. It always makes me laugh or tear up, but most importantly it inspires me to try new things and better myself. This blog always tugs at my … Continue reading Gina


Jen puts ideas and experiences into words that make you relate to each story as if it was your own. I love them. Highland Park, NJ living in Dominican Republic


Witty, funny, heartfelt…….great blog and great stories! from Colorado, living in Shanghai, China


The first thing I do every morning is open your blog and read your entries, I look forward and enjoy each and everyone of them. Keep writing… I’m your number one fan. Edison, NJ


It works for so many people, but sometimes I feel like what I read is written just for me…I love Drinking the Whole Bottle! Upstate, NY


Love this blog! It always makes me crack up or shed a tear. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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