Ever checked out an online review and wondered Who wrote this review? Did the business or owner write this? Did they ask their friends to write this? Me too! Well if you are visiting the Dominican Republic and looking for a real-person review on where to stay… I’ve got you covered.

So because of my mom-ness and the fact that we have dogs, we only travel a few times a year but I will give you the deal-io on what I know-io: accommodations, service, cleanliness, and if what you are paying is worth what you are getting. We also travel with dogs much of the time so if you are looking to travel with your pet, find some great stays here.

Unless stated otherwise, these reviews are not sponsored which means you have zero need to worry about whether my reviews are based on freebies. And I’ll totes let you know if they are sponsored which means you’re just gonna have to trust me; but I’ll tell you this. I’m not one for holding my tongue – ask Husband, so my word is as solid as Spot Conlon’s spitshake. I don’t own a pimp cane (yet) but I do not mess around.

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Cabarete is a high energy, beach town located on the northwest coast of the island. If you love water sports, this is the perfect spot. Known as a kitesurfing destination it is also known for good surfing and a fun nightlife! Its only downside is that in can be noisy and fast-paced if what you’re … Continue reading Cabarete

Juan Dolio

Located on the southern coast of Dominican Republic, Juan Dolio is a the perfect quick getaway. It is an hour drive from the capital of Santo Domingo and only about 30 minutes from the SDQ airport. Its only downside is that the rentals are among the more expensive I’ve seen in DR.